A transparent garden igloo your personal sanctuary for zen

We have seen and loved the inflatable domes, which you can place anywhere on this globe for some me-time. But here is a less extravagant, equally comfortable dome you can set up in your own garden – in all seasons. You can use it as a winter garden or summer canopy in the middle of your garden, or some favourite spot. The Garden Igloo 360 is seven feet tall with a transparent canopy. For $1,000 you can use it for a personal recluse, or even for a short summer kitty party. For the summer if the sun gets too harsh, you could put over a canopy cover which will cost around $388.

gardenigloo1 (1)
Both morning and night use is possible. Allow your creativity to flow in this little bubble, like playing with an assortment of lights. Beneath a star sprinkled sky this will be a great place to take short naps, or even spend the night in on a summer night. So many ideas! The dome can be left fully open, or fully covered, or partially of either. This multipurpose geodesic (spherical shell structure) dome will consist of a PVC frame, a winter garden cover and an anchorage kit as well as a user’s guide




[ Via : Mymodernmet]