A $15,800 T.T. Malle Mini Bar Trunk serves coffee and champagne

If you have guests that stay overnight every time, and that puts your relation with your maid on tender hooks, it’s time to make your guests self-sufficient. And you can enhance the décor of your room at the same time, by picking the right gadgets. Check out the Trunk Mini Bar from TT Trunks which is a combination of a 40 liter refrigerator and a coffee machine. Weight in at 60kgs, this 60cms wide, 52cms deep and 115cms high trunk can be placed in a corner of your elegant room.

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Meant ideally for hotels, you can also store coffee and champagne bottles on the door frame and storage space to place magazines. The trunk has a large drawer spotting trays with handles create internal sections. These columns can be replaced by a portable cigar okoumé solid.
Just be prepared to pay up 11650 € ($15,800) or more for this Trunk Mini Bar that can serve coffee to kick start your day and end it by raising a toast with a chilled champagne.
Thanks Julien

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