A $75,000 eco-friendly N2-G4 Ice Cream Machine churns out cool dessert for a hot price

With summer just a few weeks away, most of us are already feeling the heat. And nothing beats the summer heat than a cool cup of our favorite ice cream. Many companies realize this cool fact and are introducing their own products and concepts and trying to beat the meltdown. And taking a bold step in producing such a gadget is none other than NitroCream LLC, who has launched their very own Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine named the N2-G4 (where G stands for Green). Eco-friendly and handcrafted, this machine promises to be the best bet for summer 2009. Promising to be the finest quality, hand-crafted ice cream, gelato, frozen yogurt, and sorbet machine ever made, it will certainly not disappoint. The N2-G4 is available in two options – the standard N2-G4 or a fully customized model. Eliminating the need for freezers, washers, and water hook-ups of any kind, the N2-G4 offers unlimited flavor combinations.

Ready in just a few seconds, your customers will surely be satisfied once you install this machine. A luxurious ice cream machine operates using liquid nitrogen to ensure complete safety and no environmental hazards (energy saving 110 V instead of 220 V).
Lightweight (under 20” wide, weighing less than 90 lbs) and easy to clean, this machine is definitely a must-have. The price of the standard N2-G4 model starts at $34,900, while the custom model’s price starts at $75,000.
Thanks, Ria Romano