A Facecord Dresser is a pile of firewood that stocks your wares

An earthen feel to your home décor is a welcome change, but this is taking things a bit too literally. You wouldn’t really bring a pile of firewood to store all your pricy accessories, right? Well, designer Mark Moskovitz would sure want you to, as he is out with a new Dresser made out of “tightly packed New England-style firewood stack.” The dresser has four concealed drawers that can store your clothes, accessories or anything you wouldn’t mind losing in an accidental fire.

Moskovitz has customized the dimensions for his customers and has built three of the “Facecord” pieces, which are 56-inches long, 36-inches high, and almost 250 pounds heavy. Crafted using real firewood, you can check the furniture out at The Future Perfect in Manhattan. Moskovitz specifies that no two pieces in the Facecord series would look the same, which is supposed to justify the $5,800 price tag. Now that’s what I call burning money! If you feel otherwise, click here to find out how to get one for your place.