A majestic Luxus Bar Grecia for your home by Königliches Wohnen

The two best settings of your house are the kitchen and the bar. You can get your self a pre-modelled kitchen that can be fit into your house. Similarly you can also get a bar to fit into your stunning house. And if you are looking for the perfect setup, check out the Luxus Bar Grecia from Königliches Wohnen.

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Priced at €19,900 ($27,665), the main body of the bar is set in reinforced compact marble crafted out of ocher patina processing. The bar is finished with brass and marble fixtures, finished in gold and white compact Patina. The bar tops and shelves are made of transparent glass. The bar is 230cm wide, 160cm deep and 225cm high. For an additional €1,825 ($2,540) you can opt for a Marmor-Blattgold Marble gold leaf finish.

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