AirLounge 30-seater lounge inflates for $7,000

I’ve always thought of inflatables to be an easy, simple approach but a risky affair. One prick with a sharp object, and there goes all the dollars you’ve spent on it. Nonetheless, we see umpteen number of options in inflatables, some crazy, some sane: inflatable battery-powered cars, inflatable affordable spa, personal inflatable private island, inflatable outdoor home theater screen and even an inflatable pub! What’s in the news now is an inflatable lounge – the AirLounge XL. True, it squeezes about 30 people and has a matching table to go with. However, what are the odds of a stiletto piercing it or maybe a slight prick from a toothpick? That’s a questionable fact, ain’t it?

Not delving into the disastrous ‘maybe’s and ‘what if’s, let’s get down to the details. The AirLounge XL comes with an electric pump that gets the lounge up to and about in 10 minutes, that too; all you need to do is start the pump! It’s also easily storable and costs about $7,000. A perfect package that could give you that extra space to seat your guests, the AirLounge XL is a great option for temporary use. Nonetheless, it comes with a “Handle with Care” tag!


[Available at Proidee Via Gizmodo]

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