Alessi-Illy duo craft a novel espresso maker, designed by Michele De Lucci

In the 20th century, a cup of coffee is served by hand-maidens and uniformed butlers, but of course an elegant coffee-maker would certainly create an impression. Michele De Lucchi’s ‘Pulcina’ espresso maker is a perfect blend of two flourishing Italian trademarks. While Alessi, a name eminent in households has carved the design, coffee connoisseur Illycaffe’s technological advances have been put to use. The result: a revolutionary mocha device.

15 years ago, Pulcina was conceptualized with the endeavour of crafting “a mocha device of the new millennium”. The Illy-Alessi duo was inclined towards improving the functionality of the conventional mocha appliance by developing one that would purify the organoleptic properties of coffee. If you are a coffee loyalist, this piece of art is truly for you.
Alessi-Illy duo craft designed by Michele De Lucci 2
Truth to be told, we loved the chic design along with the cup of coffee it produced. We highly recommend the ‘Pulcina’ espresso maker, which is available this September on

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[Via – Designboom]

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