Amazingly Ornate Radiators by Castrads

It is often the finishing touches that complete the overall look of your home and make it stand out from other similar properties. Careful attention to detail can make a home something special, one that makes people take notice. Some practical features in a home are often overlooked in terms of the contribution they can make to the aesthetics in a house. One such item is a radiator.

Radiators are often only considered as a source of heat in your home. When people have them fitted, they usually opt for standard, white radiators. While these are smart, modern and perfectly suited to their basic purpose, they are not necessarily suited to all types of properties and visually they are not all that appealing. Other options are available.

More than just practical
One option is to choose cast iron radiators. These bespoke radiators serve the same functional purpose as their plain white counterparts but offer more options in terms of the design, size and colour. Rather than opting for the same radiators that can be found in the homes of your friends and families, you can choose radiators that fit the style of your home and are a feature rather than just a necessity.

If you live in a period home and you are keen to retain as many original features and replace as many modern additions as you can, then an ornate radiator is perfect to add to your period theme. In these types of properties, a modern radiator can look out of place. On the other hand, bespoke radiators match the period and theme perfectly.

Create a talking point
A cast iron radiator is also an ideal choice for people looking to add an eye-catching feature to a wall. Their chunky shape and the intricate detail of the design will create an unusual focal point on any wall. A bare space is instead filled with an amazingly ornate radiator that attracts attention and looks fantastic.

Castrads offer their customers a huge choice of ornate radiators that are made to order to suit your tastes and meet your individual needs. Each bespoke radiator is created to meet your exact specifications so that the radiator you buy fits perfectly in the space available.

A simple process
First, choose the dimensions of your radiator. This can be the same as your current radiator or measurements that are taken to make the best use of the space available. Next, decide which of the beautiful ornate design options you prefer. When doing this, think about the décor or style of the room you are putting the radiator into and which of the ornate designs will best suit that particularly room.

Once you have chosen the size and design for your radiators, you can further customise them with colour, accessories and fittings. Castrads have an extensive range of colours and finishes to choose from so that you can fully coordinate your radiators with the rooms in your home. While a cream or white finish may suit a country house, metallic or black might be the better choice for owners of Victorian and Gothic style homes.

Your choice of accessories will then complete your radiators. Items such as the feet, brackets and valves may seem like minor details, but they are a necessity and can add a quality finish to the product.

Overall, opting for beautifully ornate radiators from Castrads in preference to standard, modern radiators will transform the appearance of your home. They are perfect for period homes and add a visually appealing feature to what would otherwise be a boring space. Paying attention to such details in your living space will truly make it stand out from the rest and be remembered by your visitors.

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