Amsterdam Diamond Edition Wine chiller outshines the rest with its $66,350 price tag

Everything has to be just right and perfect to complement the rich and famous luxurious lifestyles. So when it comes to maintaining the wine’s perfect temperature, these people only look for the best wine chillers. And these classy and luxurious wine chillers will definitely live up to the elite classes high standards. Perfect for special occasions or anytime you feel like sipping your favorite wine, these chillers allow you to load in the ice cubes and keep your wine at the perfect temperature for up to 1.5 hours. The gold and diamond-encrusted Amsterdam Diamond Edition, available in three different editions, steals the show. This beautiful edition is a jewel in itself with its exquisite materials, stunning diamond attire, and a price tag of $66,350! The other equally exquisite editions include the black aluminum and diamond-encrusted 1001 Nights priced at $33,200, and the Swarovski outfitted Ice Queen priced at $13,500. All classy and exquisite, they promise never to disappoint.

Available at, they will definitely be a great gift for all connoisseurs of wine.