An office chair that is so comfortable, you will work overtime

Herman Miller’s chair The Cosm is still pretty new, but it’s making all kinds of tempting promises. “Its sophisticated ergonomic design instantly responds to your body, movement, and posture to provide natural balance and total support” says the website, and we instantly needed to know more.

Berlin based designers Carola Zwick, Roland Zwick, and Burkhard Schmitz from Studio 7.5 were roped in to help create this design and after some 8 years of research, the Auto-Harmonic Tilt system was born. This system works intuitively to provide balanced support and movement, depending on your body and posture. The chair requires no manual adjustment, rather it adapts to give anyone sitting the most comfortable experience.

The back support is arched especially to eliminate the gap between the seat and back, conforming to each person’s body to provide dynamic spinal support. In addition, the frame is designed to be strong but thin and flexible, so that the chair is not restrictive of upper body movement. Each component is planned to give the seated individual a “weightless” feeling.

The Cosm is available in shades like white, red, black, navy and light blue. You can learn more here: HermanMiller