Audi gets into designing soccer tables

If you’re too clumsy or incapable of running across a field with 11 men against you then try this soccer table. All it needs is a quick pair of hands and the agility and presence of mind that the sport demands. Audi Design has taken up this task upon themselves and have designed a classy looking soccer table. Well, I really cannot see how this one differs from other brands but what I do know is that the table has a huge logo of the German company that can tempt some fanatics to try their hand at the sport. If you own a bar or a lounge then this one’s a smart buy rather than those soccer tables that measure 10x the regular renditions.

Audi have used their design philosophy “without incorporating any individual elements or shapes from specific vehicle models”. Well, here’s the catch: the makers still do not know if this concept needs to be put into a production line.

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