Audi R18 Ultra Chair prototype shows up at 2012 Salone fair in Milan

It’s raining collaborated art today, as after BMC and Lamborghini, it’s the turn of Audi to come together with design Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram, again at Milan, Italy. But no, this time it’s not vehicle in question, but a prototype chair made using lightweight manufacturing methods taken from Audi’s new R18 Ultra race car. The chair is called as the R18 Ultra Chair and debuts at the 2012 Salone Internazionale del Mobile, Milan. People can test the chair that is made using three components including a carbon composite seat, a carbon-rubber backrest and aluminium legs that can be packed and stored inside a box. The chair also features a network of sensors that is meant to gather crowd sourced data from visitors, which will be processed using algorithms developed by Weisshaar and Kram to create the most ergonomic final shape for the chair.

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When people sit on the chair, the sensors will calculate their unique physical impact and “display it as a realtime false colour force simulation” to highlight the “flow of forces normally hidden from the human eye.” This will help the makers to shed excess weight on the final variant of the R18 Ultra Chair, which will launch at the Design Miami 2012 in December.
Audi_R18_Ultra_Chair prototype_1.jpg
[R18 Ultrachair via Mashable]

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