Audi R18 Ultra Chair prototype shows up at Design Miami

When Audi sets out to design stuff, you’re assured to wind up with something spectacularly unconventional and awesome. The German automobile manufacturer recently put its designs to use in furniture and has come up with this seating solution that’s a step away from the ordinary. Called the R18 Ultra Chair, this prototype is christened after the R18 Ultra racecar. The chair is tuned to the core, literally, with Audi roping in nearly 1,500 to participate in tests during the development process.

Constructed from carbon fiber, the chair has legs made out of aluminum. Developed in cooperation with the Audi Lightweight Construction Center, the chair is currently on display at Design Miami and weighs in at just 2.2 kilograms (4.85 lbs)! There have been no reports about Audi’s plans to mass-produce and sell one of these though.

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