Bel and Bel’s Scooter chairs will change the way you think of office furniture

It’s time to trade in your tired old office chair for something new and we know just the thing. Spanish studio Bel and Bel have upcycled Vespas to create some brand new editions of their Scooter Chair. The Italian scooters get a new lease on life thanks to the team, who have used the chassis to create the coolest swivel chairs you’ve ever seen.

The chair has a reinforced internal structure which allows for reclining as well as a base with hydraulic pistons that let you adjust the height of the chair. The ergonomic seat is upholstered with imitation leather and chair’s soft tread wheels ensure that any moves you make will be super quiet.
One of the best parts is that you can have the color customized according to your preference. So whether it’s a manic orange or a never-seen-in-nature blue, your Vespa chair will match your personality. Another cool feature? The lights on the chassis back are fully functional! We bet you’ve never sat in a chair with headlights before!

Though we don’t have confirmation about the price yet, odds are it’ll be around $2866, close to the price tag sported by the last batch of Scooter chairs made by Bel and Bel.

[ Via : Designboom ]

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