Bentley’s stunning new Home Collection unveiled at Salon del Mobile 2014

Last year saw quite a bit of Bentley’s furniture chic but obviously that wasn’t enough. Am I right? Well Bentley seems to think I am because the British auto brand has just unveiled a complete home collection. Designed and manufactured in collaboration with Luxury Living Group, one of Europe’s leading furniture makers and introduced for the first time at Salon del Mobile 2014, the collection is a celebration of the craftsmanship and exquisite materials that characterize a Bentley.

Created by architect Carlo Colombo, in collaboration with Bentley’s head of Product Design, Daniele Ceccomori, the collection boasts displays of bold by way of purple-red, burgundy, brick red or blue, interspersed with natural and pastel nuances of mocha, cognac, quartz, grey, camel and taupe. The use of tactile leather and sensuous textiles remains prominent as the last time facing fresh competition from hints of male attire, pinstripe or hounds-tooth. Introduced into sophisticated velvets and the lightest of cashmeres, crafted with three-dimensional patterns the fabrics offer an added dose of designer luxe.

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The same luxe can also be found woven as novel and precious carpets, hand-knotted, made of fine wools. As well as within refined blankets hemmed in mink. As for the leather upholstery, as anticipated, it doesn’t skip its signature quilted diamond pattern or elegant padded texture. “In the Bentley Home collection there co-exist a passion for details, care of materials and a style that anticipates the trends while remaining true to the codes of elegance and tradition. The perfect synthesis of values, the same we find at the wheel of a Bentley. I strongly believe in this collection which is already attracting acclaim internationally,” said CEO and chairman of the Luxury Living Group, Alberto Vignatelli.

He might not be wrong after all. I mean, just look at the Minster Sofa ($14,790), for instance with its harmonious shape and flowing lines, highlighted through its arms’ curved, yet subtle proportions. Available in leather or fabric, the body and seat come in distinguished burgundy velvet matched with a velvet piping. Yet another great example is the Butterfly Sofa & Armchair ($4,880 and $9,220) duo, the system made up of sofa and armchair seen last year, which, once again demonstrates Bentley’s great style values. Speckled with Bentley’s iconic diamond pattern, it reflects a geometric yet plush form. The sofa comes in cognac leather and blue pinstriped interior, quilted in fine grey wool.
Looking for something even more spectacular? Enter the Kensington Royce Armchair ($18,040). In near iridescent champagne shades, the uber-lavish chair is especially enriched with ice grey leather. But plush chairs and comfortable sofas aren’t all Bentley’s new Home collection is about. It is also about the oval Madeley Table ($30,820). With a trapezoidal base made of leather-covered bent wood panels, it has a top of chestnut briarwood root now available. As for our last year’s favorite, Ambassador Cabinet ($33,640) it dons hardened smoked glass in the exposed-doors version rendering storage sexy, besides keeping it sophisticated with a chestnut-doors piece.

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