Bespoke Furniture Collection by Pierre Paulin and Louis Vuitton

If you have any intentions of refurnishing your penthouse this season, we’d recommend that you pay a visit to the “Playing with Shapes” exhibit in Miami, Florida. Originally designed for American office furniture maker Herman Miller, the ultra-modern furniture artisan Pierre Paulin had never created this unique collection until now – with 18 pieces of furniture from the original design finally produced.

louis-vuitton-furniture-2In keeping with its values, and by reviving one of Paulin’s favorite projects, the Maison Louis Vuitton is aiding in the preservation of a mutual search for, as the designer himself once put it, “gestures that are powerful because they are balanced and true.”

louis-vuitton-furniture-3The satellite exhibition will entails designs that inculcate new techniques and a living space that was conceived like a refuge or intimate safe house. Publicised as one of the French designer’s most preferred creations, the body dictates its relationship with the space surrounding it, placing a priority on personal use and keeping the outside world at bay – without completely shutting it out.

Paris’ Centre’s Pompidou Collection features a set of unique drawings and models fashioned by Paulin for this lifestyle collection. The compilation weaves elements of beauty, comfort and simplicity into one web. The Déclive articulated recliner and the Tapis-siège (carpet seat) are part of the bespoke collection.

Playing with Shapes will be running until December 7 at Palm Court, Miami Design District, 140 NE 39th Street, Ste. 326

[Via – Luxury-Insider]

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