Big Heart shaped Decanter lets you pour some wine with all your heart

Don’t we all love a glass of good red wine? And the doctors aren’t all whine-y about its benefits, a prime one being for the heart. Also, it is nice to enjoy a glass poured from a traditional wine bottle and savored over good company and food. Someone had to think out of the box and Bordeaux-based sculptor Etienne Meneau went a mile extra. In order to show how wine becomes modern, the sculptor crated a series of decanters. One that stands out like a sore thumb is the ‘Grand Coeur’ or ‘Big heart’. It resembles a human heart, with atriums, ventricle and an aorta. So when the host welcomes you home and asks you for a drink and you choose red wine, then he will very hypothetically be pouring out his heart to you.

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The limited edition Big Heart available at Amo Eno in Hong Kong.
[Amo Eno via Luxury-Insider]