Bisazza’s Crystal Collection tiles bring Swarovski crystals on the walls

It’s simple! include a few Swarovski crystals, and you can glam up any corner of your den. But Bisazza, one of the world’s most innovative glass mosaics producers, has made it simpler by rolling out the Crystal Collection. Boasting six patterns, this collection sets the trend of subtle luxury shining on the walls. You can choose from Skulls & Crowns, Robots & Hearts, Corals & Seahorses, Flash, Stars, and Rain on monochromatic backgrounds in white, blue, and black tones. All of them sport Swarovski crystals on glass and gold mosaic pattern. The Crystal Collection will be available from September onwards.
Care to check other opulent options? Rollover……

You can dress up the walls with gold and platinum versrions too for a uber luxurious feel!

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