Bizarre carpet with illusion of a lady costs $1,600

If you are in the market for a rug, we have got the perfect one for you. The 9ft x 6.5 ft rug is a rather unique, and it looks like there’s a lady underneath. But, I must add that the polyester-printed rug Lady on Carpet rug (yes, it’s called that) comes with a staggering $1,600 price tag. Of course, just seeing the rug, one can safely assume that the illusion is only that appealing from a top-view and could possibly disappoint you from other angles.

What appeals to me most about the rug, is the myriad of colors that shines through. Of course, the rug has a variety of uses. It can adorn your wall as a Renaissance tapestry or can be used elsewhere to beautify your home.


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