Boca Do Lobo’s limited edition furniture designs are appealing

Portuguese furniture firm Boca Do Lobo’s designer and co-founder Pedro Sousa has designed two eccentric furniture patterns that exemplify the boldness of the Portuguese explorer and the fervor of the entertainer. Part of the Large Emotion series, the spectacular pieces are available in a limited edition of 20 pieces only. The Crochet is a high baroque chest of drawers composed of wood and sheathed in darkened gold leaf. It is also adorned with a 130-pound encrustation of hand-forged drawer pulls dipped in the purple tinted varnish that adds to its grandeur. The furniture retailing for $24,450 creates the effect of a crocheted garment hugging a curvy female body.

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The Sousa’s Monochrome console is an undulating form, made of molded fiberglass and filled with expandable polyurethane, recalls roots, waves, or thick, three-dimensional brushstrokes. Its most attractive feature is the electric blue color that is so impossible to ignore. The Monochrome console retails for $22,050, and both the artifacts are completely customizable.

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