Boeing transforms a decommissioned DC-9 engine cowling into a luxury chair

Boeing recently came up with a fabulous way to recycle old airplane parts and transform them into ultra-modern pieces of furniture. One of these pieces is this luxurious chair made from a genuine DC-9 Pratt & Whitney JT8D engine cowling. The cowling belongs to a DC-9 jetliner, a plane manufactured by McDonnell Douglas till 1982. These jets were finally decommissioned completely in 2014. To create this chair out of the engine cowling from the legendary jetliner, the designers stripped the paint and polished the aluminum body for a futuristic mirror finish.

The seat and back cushions are removable and are made from high-quality black leather. The stitching is designed to look like rotor blades, giving this engine cowling chair a complete touch of aviation! The chair stands 30 inches high and has a diameter of 57 inches at its widest point. Owing to the fact that it is an extremely rare item, this one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and will be available for sale until the 31st of December, 2015, for a price of $7,650. This chair certainly is the perfect gift for just about any aviator, and is capable of blending in well with minimalist and modern homes.

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[ Via : Robbreport ]