BUBEN&ZORWEG offers the best and most luxurious timepieces

BUBEN&ZORWEG, are creators of exclusive watch winders, luxurious ‘Objects of time’, and fine mechanical clocks which delights lovers of fine timepieces with its unique masterpieces of craftsmanship. The brand is continuously working on extending the boundaries of feasibility. Be it the realization of a sophisticated double tourbillon complication for a limited series table clock as with the Ellipse Grand Revers Double Tourbillon, Watch Winders, or of creations such as Solitaire or Collector’s Salon, that lift the presentation of valuable watch collections to new heights. In 2001, BUBEN&ZORWEG introduced the world’s smallest watch winder: Mobile and started expanding its product range by 2003 when it introduced the Evolution and Metropolitan models. The year 2005 was marked by technical innovation for the company. It launched the ‘intelligent watch winder with sleep phase’ while in 2006, the brand introduced the ”Pythagoras World Time Tourbillon” which was the world’s first mechanical table clock with world time and tourbillon.

In 2007 the brand introduced Ellipse Grand Revers Double Tourbillon, the world’s first-ever series table clock with a double tourbillon, unveiled at Basel World, which is limited to 100 pieces worldwide. The brand continuously holds exhibitions, delivers lectures, and participates in Basel World to showcase its exquisite masterpieces. It is no wonder then that many of these exclusive pieces become collector’s items, whose value only increases with time.
A brand that only promises to grow better with age, it won’t be a surprise if it becomes number one in a few years.