Bugatti Diva: Exquisite line of crystal studded appliances for your home

For those of you who love to flaunt your luxurious lifestyles and are looking for new ways to exhibit your elite standard of living, the new limited edition appliances from Bugatti will definitely aid you to achieve your purpose. These beautifully designed appliances christened Bugatti Diva are not just a design wonder but also a status symbol. The entire line comprises of daily appliances covered in dazzling Swarovski crystals and fine genuine Italian leather. The coffee maker adorned with 14,000 Swarovski crystals is the jewel of this exquisite line. Either adorn your kitchen with these exclusive appliances or gift them to your luxury loving friends. Sure to not disappoint when it comes to class, elegance, style as well as performance, this exquisite line from Bugatti is definitely a class apart.

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The best gift for a diva, the Bugatti Diva is truly divine.