Car-Bar from CraftLine: The perfect centerpiece for the home of a car enthusiast

The smart folks over at CraftLine GmbH have offered the best alternative to folks who are extremely attached to their old cars and unable to turn them into scrap. Courtesy CraftLine, now you can welcome your old car back into your home, literally. Craftline has offered to turn your old cars into a custom bar! Yes, now your home can have a whole new centerpiece as the CraftLine “Car-Bar” displaces your old ordinary looking bar. What is more, you don’t even have to get rid of your car. In fact, she now has a more permanent home in your house, and the space that she took up in the garage can be taken up by some brand new wheels, without you having to feel guilty about getting rid of your old car.

The unique Car-Bar is created individually according to the buyer’s preferences and needs. If you don’t have an old car to modify into a bar but still wish to have one such awesome Car-Bar in your home, you can go for the Car-Bar, which CraftLine rebuilt from an old Mazda RX-8. The exquisite dark wood contrasts the white finish beautifully, making this Car-Bar a one of a kind furniture piece. Functioning as a true piece of functional art, this Car-Bar made from the Mazda RX-8 can be yours for €70,000 ($89,585). For more info on rebuilding your old car into a bar, you can click here.
Thanks Stefan Janssen