Carbon fiber Ferrari office chair will drive you crazy

Ferrari themed furniture isn’t a new sight for us luxury-lovers and F1 fanatics. The newest entrant to join this league of Ferrari furniture is the unique Ferrari Office chair. A great seat to work in, it will help you stay connected with your first love (Ferrari) even while at work. Originally made for the Ferrari F360 Challenge car by OMP, it has now been fitted to a custom-made carbon fiber office chair frame. What is more, you can count on your seat being the only one of its kind as they are “used” from actual cars, so there may be small marks or blemishes on the leather. All seats feature smooth black Connolly leather with dark grey stitching and have fully adjustable armrests, seat height, and tilt. What is more, you also have the choice of choosing the base color for this seat according to your desire.

A must have seat for the F1 fans; it is priced at $8000 and available here.

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