CFG Direct offers Carbon Fiber Chopsticks Set for a sweet taste of luxury

If the Louis Vuitton chopsticks failed to add a touch of luxury to your meal, maybe the Carbon Fiber Chopsticks are what you need. Carbon fiber, which is touted to be the new age luxury material, will surely appeal to your luxury loving senses. A product from the latest line up of offerings from CFG Direct, these carbon fiber chopsticks are definitely one-of-a-kind. The carbon fiber used to make this sleek chopstick set is taken from the excess material used by an aerospace company. The set even includes a solid carbon fiber rest. Another unique feature of this chopstick set is that the chopsticks are cut from a solid black of rare high-temp carbon fiber, and the carbon fiber is actually the thickness that you see in the pictures! The carbon fiber used to make this chopstick set is extremely rare and is said to cost around $60,000 for the aerospace company to manufacture as 12′ x 40′ piece of it. Completely safe for eating thanks to the high quality carbon fiber used, it is coated with non-toxic food-safe and dishwasher-safe coating.

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Handmade in USA, this chopstick set measuring 8.5″ long, and .25″ thick is priced at $150 and available here.