Chevrolet Corvette inspired desk to flaunt your love for cars

Car inspired furniture pieces are a great alternative for folks who cannot afford the real vehicle. They not only help you show off your great sense of taste and style but also allow you to flaunt your love for the amazing wheels. While the unique Car Bar option from CraftLine lets you preserve your old car by turning it into a bar, not many of us have spare cars to turn them into furniture pieces. For those looking at an affordable option to flaunt their love for cars, we give you the amazing Chevrolet Corvette desk. Made to resemble the rear end of this car, this desk is definitely one sporty creation. What is more, you can get these M6 desks to resemble the rear end of any car you desire.

Made from the highest grade material and an ample amount of labor courtesy of the intricate detailing involved in its making, these desks are truly pieces of art. The desks feature every minute detail of the rear of your favorite car, from the working lights to the steel exhaust pipes and even custom vanity plates, giving you no chance to complain. Furthermore, every desk can be customized to come with solid wood construction, handmade billet aluminum engraved knobs, and a paint finish of your choice.
A must-have piece of furniture for car enthusiasts, this desk is definitely the best alternative for folks who don’t have the money to splurge on the real cars as their price range is just between $1950 and $3100. So go ahead and park this desk in your home or workplace without burning a hole in your pockets.

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