Christian Lacroix partners with Forestier for unique lighting fixtures

The interior décor world just grew a few extra branches with the new collection – the brainchild of the collaboration between Forestier, a premier light fixture brand that is not new to the innovative and creative sphere; and Christian Lacroix, a fashion designer turned interior designer whose previous works include Le Notre Dame Hotel and the Hotel Le Petit Moulin. The collection is a four piece series that evoke plant elements in the lamp structures, where in the shades form the leaves or fruits attached to the metal rod branches.

The Frondaison chandelier, the Jeune Pousse table lamp, the Branchages wall lamps and the Arbuste floor lamp all have their shades dressed with Lacroix fabric, which have been edited by Designers Guild. The fabrics are available in two prints – Canopy, a graphic representation of colorful tropical flowers, tendrils and Barbade, graphic weave of wicker. These contemporary luminaires could be the perfect house accessory, with a blend of creativity, design and sophistication.
As of now, the unique collection can be ordered or requested only via the Forestier website. A little birdy dropped us hints of the Branchages wall lamps being priced at around € 900, while the Arbuste will be priced around € 2000; which might be a bit of a pinch, though the concept looks to be pretty alluring.

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[via – Luxuo]

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