Christmas Gift for a Cigar connoisseur – Louis Vuitton cigar case

When it comes to men, there’s only so much that you can present them. So in case you are on the lookout to woo (yes woo) your dream man again, then it’s time to think a little different, a little high class, a little classic. What do we mean? We mean the Louis Vuitton special cigar case. Made of Mahogany with Macassar ebony veneer finish and pear tree wood accents, this cigar case stores up to 150 high-quality Cuban sticks just to perfection. The reason is the cedar lining that also makes it an excellent humidity controller. And going by the looks of this LV special, it’s sure to be limited edition – in the sense that only a few would garner its uniqueness and own/gift it, especially when it retails for a deserving price of $3,416! Gift one to lit the romance again!

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