Christmas Gift to raise a toast in style – Miranda Watkins’ Martini Set

It’s the holiday season! The time of the year when you vow to forget all the worries and fears and wrong happenings of the past year and look ahead. And at Luxury Launches, we suggest you do it slightly differently this year: with a martini toast, that is. Yuppy buddy! Get your poison shaken, not stirred, and served in nothing else but these sleek, dashing-looking martini glasses. Oh yes, mister boot to the made in glass martini glasses, it’s the metal season ahead! Made by Miranda Watkins, this Martini set was specially commissioned for Wallpaper Handmade, an exclusive exhibition organized and curated by the iconic lifestyle magazine. Hand-produced in Britain by A R Wentworth of Sheffield, this made-for-travel martini set combines two traditional materials – pewter and cork – in a stunning effect.

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Its clean lines and gentle curves are sure to catch more than just the fancy of the onlooker. The best part, each piece here is made to order. We say, gift yourself one, open the bartender’s secret poison journal, and set the New Year Party on fire! After all, you own a set that’s selected to be a part of the permanent collection of the Victoria and Albert Museum.

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