The worlds oldest candle maker sets shop in NY, its first in the US

The world’s oldest, most renowned candlemaker, Cire Trudon has set up shop in New York City with a brand new boutique. It is the French candlemaker’s first store in the United States, where it will stock the brand’s candles with room fragrances, scented matches and more.

“In 1643, a salesman named Claude Trudon arrives in Paris. He soon becomes the owner of a shop on Saint-Honore street thanks to a fruitful and happy marriage. Among groceries, the store also provides its customers with wax, candles for any domestic usage as well as church candles to the neighboring Saint Roch parish.”
That was written in the 18th century, while its original store still operational in Paris. The company makes candles for top French brands, including Hermes, Cartier as well as for the Chateau de Versailles.
The 400-square-foot store has been designed with Paris-based architect Fabrizio Casiraghi, who has made the most of the intimate spaces that comes filled with mirrors and enameled surfaces à la a French chateaux or palace, juxtaposed with neon lighting, antique Japanese vases, Art Deco lamps, and Cire Trudon’s signature burgundy accent hue.

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