Clas Ohlson creates a super luxurious birdhouse for your garden

Swedish Home Expert Clas Ohlson gives customers a unique home complete with a gym, pool, manicured lawn, and garden furniture; this posh pad is actually a birdhouse to encourage birds back into gardens. Garden specialists have designed the two-story birdhouse by Ohlson in an attempt to make gardens more appealing to the birds. The modern house has everything a bird could dream of, including an open plan kitchen, a living room that continues onto a manicured lawn, an ultra-cool “tweet” deck complete with a garden table and chairs, and an infinity birdbath, and a swinging perch to relax. Contemporary floating stairs help complete the look and the route to the master bedroom “tweet.” It even has a predator alarm to avoid a nasty surprise for the occupant when it is tucking into the nut feeder.

Recent studies by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) discovered that some of UK’s most loved bird species are continuing to decline, the number of house sparrows and bullfinches have dropped by 17 percent and 20 percent respectively since 2012.

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I hope this luxury haven by Clas Ohlson helps solve the bird problems; they even provide blueprints for people’s own concept birdhouse, which is available on Ohlson’s Facebook page.

[Via – Dailymail]

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