Cleanroom Chair: A simple and comfortable workstation

I believe that your working environment plays a big role in your overall performance. Even slight discomfort can affect your performance. Hence ensuring a comfortable environment should be everyone’s top priority. A good workstation can definitely play a big role in achieving this goal of excellent performance. The Cleanroom chair is one such workstation that promises to benefit its users. The Cleanroom chair is one of the best designs from the collection of NgispeN, the new design label of Gispen. Combining ergonomics with functionality, the Cleanroom chair is simple and minimalistic. The chair designed as an extension of your body guarantees optimum comfort. Made from a fiber-reinforced resin material, this chair with a metal frame is sturdy enough to hold your laptops. Elegant and serene, this workstation is available in various colors and is sure to please workaholics everywhere.

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Measuring 80 x 100 x 73 cm in size, the Cleanroom chair is priced at €1,743 ($2610) (including tax and delivery in Holland).
Thanks Christian

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