Coastal Element’s Modern Buffet cabinet TV lift

Looking for an exquisite cabinet Plasma TV lift to hoist your brand new Plasma? Search no more as the stunning Coastal Element’s Modern Buffet cabinet TV lift is here. Complete with a Full Fill natural finish, this cabinet lift promises to become the centerpiece of your entertainment area. Walnut Burl, known for its rich tones and patterns is the perfect choice of veneer for this high end creation. Capable of holding a larger TV, this cabinet TV lift can be placed anywhere from the foot of your bed to the center of your room or even against a wall. The cabinet TV lift, works on the Universal Remote control so no external eyes are needed. There is also a manual override controller for the lift on the inside of the cabinet.

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The exquisite Modern Buffet cabinet TV Lift with Walnut Burl body is priced at $5,450. To purchase the cabinet or for more information click here.

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