Compact Wine Cellar vault with Inventory system

The ardent Wine connoisseur always wants the best for his cherished vintages from his Wine Collection. He wouldn’t mind having a custom built-cellar, but he would certainly prefer a ready-made, fully automated Cellar for his hauteur- indulgence. The fully automated, walk-in Wine cellar keeps wine under ideal conditions and the Wine Mate Cooling system provides the optimal temperature and humidity. The unit can stack up to 1500 bottles and it comes equipped with moisture resistant redwood racks, a hanging rack for stemware and also a decanting table with diamond storage bins.

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The Cellar features an exterior of brushed aluminum along with glass windows for an occasional peep-in) and the interior incorporates a fully computerized touch screen panel inventory system. For $27,995, you could have these handsome hand-built to order, in order to store your prized possession.

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