Complete with patches, pictures, and slogans this blanket costs $2700 and it is sold out

Raf Simons started 2020 on a good note with his appointment as co-creative director of Prada and enjoying a song in his name by Italian rapper Rosa Chemical in the 2020 album “Forever.” The Belgian fashion designer who has worked as the creative director with luxury brands like Calvin Klein and Christian Dior in the past has launched his new ‘History of My World’ online store. The store will offer a selection of items ranging from home accessories, books, and objects selected by the Belgian designer. One of the most hot-selling products from the Raf Simons House label is the Teenage Dream blanket that’s selling for nothing less than €2,200 (nearly $2700) and, in all probability, is sold out already. There are several design options for the handmade raw-edge wool blanket in anthracite or other dark hues with printed patches and pins that read ‘Question everything’ slogans like “Children of the Revolution,” as vintage photos of his team members’ families and the Raf Simons label.

The blankets range starts from €1650 and goes up to €2,200 and as you read this post they are all sold out. The history of my world website also includes in addition to the sold-out Teenage Dreams blankets, candles for €450, and books for €1000. With Christmas around the corner, we suggest you try to cop whatever else remains of this wildly popular designer’s offerings.

[Available at: History of my World]