Corcel’s Carbon Fiber Bathtub is $72,000 of pure goodness

Soak up in luxury in this new Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub. Designed by Austrian manufacturer Corcel Design & Innovation GmBH, everything about this tub screams luxury. Designed with comfort in mind, this sleek bathtub is visually stunning, resembling a sci-fi object. The free-standing bathtub is styled with simplistic lines and curves and is handcrafted with carbon fiber technology. The tub is also outfitted with a contemporary, stand-alone faucet adding a level of superior sophistication to complete its appearance. The price for this magnificent tub is €52,000, which converts to a whopping $70,928, excluding taxes. The Corcel Carbon Fiber Bath Tub will be limited to only 51 units worldwide, and if you wait to get your hands on one, you will have to wait a very long time.

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