Create the Luxury Bathroom of Your Dreams With These Exciting Trends

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in the house to remodel. This is especially true when you want to create a luxurious retreat space with all the bells and whistles. Minimalism, technology, and high-end finishes are all trending and it’s easy to see why. Before you remodel your bathroom, learn all the ways you can create a luxurious space that everyone will love.

Tubs and Cubicles
A luxury bathroom has a great place to bathe as a key part of the design. Whether you get a large soaker tub, a garden-style tub, a stand-alone tub, or a fantastic shower cubicle, make sure you think hard about how you’ll use your bathroom. This will help you to select the perfect solution. For the shower cubicle, you’ll want floor-to-ceiling glass doors, a seat, and one of the best luxury shower systems.

To find something amazing, look for a showerhead you can remove and wash your entire body from every angle. Rain shower heads are also an opulent touch. They create the sensation of showering in the rain, except the water is the perfect temperature for bathing. You can find luxury shower systems with a dark metal finish that would look great in a black bathroom or one with a reflective surface. You can even control and set the exact water temperature to protect children from scalding. Some shower systems include a rain shower head and a removable head with multiple controls to give you more options.

Themes and Colors for Bathroom Remodels
A theme is a good way to help you create the luxury bathroom of your dreams. It helps you plan the design, chooses finishes, and even search for the perfect tile. Additionally, a theme helps you decide how to design the bathroom layout based on who will use it most of the time.

The most common trend in luxury bathroom designs is still minimalism. Clean lines, neutral colors, and simple, but high-end finishes help define a minimalist space. You’ll want to create spaces to keep the clutter out of sight if you truly want a minimalist theme.

Farmhouse Style
Antique bathroom tubs, wood flooring, and country-style decor make this a cozy and inviting style for a high-end bathroom. You can even include luxury shower systems to take the space to another level.

Vintage Bathrooms
Old is new again and you can find it in the bathroom space. Vintage designs are trending and include anything from color schemes to finishes that give an old feel. High-end mirrors, industrial fittings, and even vintage tiles make this an excellent theme for your dream bathroom.

Color Trends in Luxury Bathrooms
Light neutrals, black, and tiles with splashes of color are all perfect for a luxury bathroom retreat. Different color tones will lend to a more masculine versus feminine feel. Go with neutrals and earth tones to create an inviting space for everyone.

Bathroom Flooring Options
While tile is the most common type of flooring in bathrooms, you can also use other materials for flooring. Choose from geometric shapes, rectangular flooring, square, and even round floor materials. Wood is very popular, along with many types of stone. Marble and granite flooring are always a luxurious touch and never seem to go out of style. Concrete flooring is gaining in popularity. You can even select a color finish for a concrete floor to add a personal touch.

Luxury Bathroom Tile Trends
Tile is one of the most important finishes to decide on in your bathroom. Large marble tiles are on-trend and whether you put them all over your bathroom, or just in one area, they are sure to make a statement. Patterned tiles with geometric shapes can be monochrome, neutral, or even add a pop of color to your bathroom. You’ll want to select tiles that are durable, unique, and give the look and feel you desire. Add tiles from floor to ceiling to make and even bigger statement. Another luxury option is to add a contrasting tile in your luxury shower system to offset your shower space in your bathroom. Long skinny tiles are making an appearance and come in endless colors and textures.

Hi-Tech Bathroom Finishes
Bathrooms have gone high-tech and there are more options than ever to give you a technological experience. Immerse yourself in your favorite movies, rock out to your favorite music, and feel warm and cozy everywhere you step.

Heated flooring
Heated flooring systems have been around for a long time, and when it comes to luxurious bathrooms, they’ll never go out of style. People love to step into the bathroom to warmth on their feet. They love to step out of the bathtub or shower to a warm sensation that heated flooring leaves on tiles.

Music systems
Bluetooth speakers are one of the most common ways to install a music system in your bathroom. Some even offer the option to dock your device outside of the shower and play the music through waterproof speakers. Listen to your favorite songs for a wake-up call, to relax, or to sing your heart out in the shower. Smart devices offer you the option to change songs with just the sound of your voice.

Waterproof televisions
Want to watch your favorite show and relax in your luxurious bathtub? Now you can. Waterproof televisions are the perfect solution to get all the relaxation you need. They can mount on the wall, from the ceiling, or even in a hidden compartment. Technology has come so far as to make luxury even more convenient and fun. Watch your favorite movies, the Sunday game, or catch up on the news.

High-Tech Faucets
Want to know the exact temperature of the water flowing from your faucet and even the flow rate? With new faucet technology, you can be sure your water is just the right temperature. While it is a luxury finish, it’s also great for families with small children. What a great tool for peace of mind to know the water can come out in exactly the right temp for your little ones.

Set the mood with recessed lighting controlled by a smart device. Control lights in other places too like in the shower, the bathtub, or around the vanity. LED lighting allows you to change color as well.

Statement Basins
While you may have a faucet in mind, the basin can also make a huge statement. Use it to add a pop of color, to showcase a one-of-a-kind piece of art, or to add interest to your vanity. Choose ones with a unique shape, texture, or unexpected size to add that luxurious touch.

Statement Art
While most people don’t think of the bathroom as a place to display art, it’s an excellent option. Most people who visit your home may use your bathroom at one time or another. Sculptures, wall art, and even carved finishes are a beautiful way to add art to the bathroom. Even in a minimalist bathroom, a good piece of art is a timeless way to decorate.

So, next time you think of giving your bathroom a facelift, consider using some tips and hints from this article.

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