Crystal25 – The first kitchen line encrusted with Swarovski crystals

Aura the Catalan company has decided to celebrate its silver jubilee with true style by introducing the series of Kitchen Crystal25. The company claims that theirs would be the first kitchen in the world to integrate Crystallized – Swarovski Elements on their doors. The fronts of this series are submerged in a high gloss lacquer finish and polished by hand from one to one, to ensure that perfection in the reflexes that emit. The grooves that serve as a shooter and where the gaps are entrenched crystals form part of its secret technology. The hundreds of crystals embedded in the shooter special – release infinite reflections. The beauty of kitchen crystal25 enhances as each draw illuminates automatically on pushing. Their interior glass shelves are also illuminated with a new system based on LEDs.

The company has paid special attention by manually entrenching one to one glass each to complete the 285 units Crystallized of this version of Crystal25. The company has also taken special care to see that each unit is independently done and not in series.
Thanks, Pablo