Custom-made mattresses from Helix Sleep

This is not a Vividus mattress where you sign your soul to the cheque. It is a mattress which claims to help you sleep better through aiming at simple bedtime preferences. You can buy the Helix Sleep mattress online, try it out for 100 days and if you do not like it or it does not help you get a wink more than you did before, then you can return the mattress and get completely refunded.

mattresses from Helix Sleep 2
People do all sorts of stuff to get a good night’s sleep. Counting sheep, watching Robert Redford or even hanging in midair. Yet there has never been a solution. Helix Sleep is making an effort, by knowing all your sleep patterns – like how you sleep, where you sleep, on what you sleep, your height, weight and whether you feel hot or cold in bed or what medical conditions affect your sleep, and so on. It will take a few minutes, but that is the least you can do for a good night’s sleep. How many more sheep can you count, really.
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