Customized Pianos by ResInno add oomph to music

Gifting is always difficult, during Christmas time it becomes even harder to choose the perfect gift for that perfect person. ResInno seeks to solve all these problems with their unique modified pianos. They customize everything from legs, musical benches, music racks and pedal lyres. Before the music lovers jump to conclusions, these modification do not harm the sound of the instrument instead they have been engineered to enhance the instruments sound. The idea behind these modifications has been conceived by renowned piano designer Justin Elliott and are created with a custom blend of woods. They currently come in four designs The Royal Ebony, which is ResInno’s original design and features sleek triangular curvatures. The Grand Rossa is a reincarnated Ferrari 1957 Testa Rossa, which is bold and seductive featuring a fluid design and Ferrari Rossa Corsa coloring.

The Sol Vas has been created to reminisce on the finest yachts, it exudes grace and sophistication. The Helio features a double helix dress in copper and brass powder which emanates strength in a surprisingly feminine design. The modification range between $33,000 and $77,000 making them an incredibly precious gift to give to any music lover.

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[Ressino via Justluxe]