Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter was behind the lens for these images of Hervet Manufacturier’s space age furniture

Born in 2014, Hervet Manufacturier is the brainchild of cousins Cédric Hervet and Nicolas Hervet, a furniture and art object label that creates items that are as their website states “influenced by the visions of anticipation of the previous century”. The Hervet cousins are notable for having been creatively linked to another world famous artist duo: Daft Punk. Cédric Hervet was the band’s creative director and now brings many of his futuristic moods and sensibilities to his co-founded label.

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Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter photographed the collection for the cousins, but this is not his first time working with Hervet Manufacturier. Pictured above is the brand’s Audiosatt audio system, which is priced at $22,860.

In 2015, the cousins created skateboards inspired by Daft Punk’s instrumental track Da Funk. Pictured is the Esprit seat that’s priced at $12,510.

The new collection is a feast for lovers of retro design, but it also impressed us with its diversity of ideas and concepts. Pictured above is Spootnik, a radio installation inspired by a satellite which is priced at $23,760.

The Actarus chair, priced at $12,670.

The Passager chair and footstool, priced at $15,200.

Hervet’s impressive Astrolux light that’s priced at $2,460.

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