DC-8 Cowling Desk with glass top from MotoArt to grace your office

I once worked for a man who was in love with fighter planes of every known size and dimension. And if you are one of those people who has their home décor made out a nose cowl coffee table, a mile high bed made out of inner flaps, a cowling reception desk with engine inlets, a commercial fuselage divider, a cowling bar, a first class easy chair and a wing flap conference table, and a KC-97 Fuel Tank Cradle Desk from MotoArt, you can add a DC-8 Cowling Desk to your collection too. Decked up with a classy glass transition top, you can also opt of an aluminum stand-offs which are crafted to support additional half-inch kidney shaped glass. Made out of CFM56 engine nose cowlings that measures 78 inches outside and 63 inches on the inside is perfect for home, office, or commercial purposes.

The sturdy desk features interiors crafted in solid maple, a black plexiglass top for better resilience and wire grommet details for better aesthetics. You can also opt for Casters to make the desk mobile. Pricing starts at $9,500 with an additional $3,950 for the glass transition top.
Thanks Dave

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