DC-9 Nacelle Table: A stylish and classy coffee table to adorn your conversation hall

Coffee tables give you the perfect place to have a lengthy talk and a good family time. And for a stylish home you need a stunning new coffee table. You can pick from a techie surface tension coffee table, a coffee table to play with, spruce it up with bling, or a Grille-Themed Coffee Table but if you want it to be elegant, check out the MotoArt DC-9 Nacelle Coffee Table. This 52inch long x 49inch wide table can be made available in a round or oval glass table top and a nose cowl that spots a mirror finish. The cowling comes with a jet engine stator backed by a 1/2inch plexiglas.

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Priced at $7,500, you can complete the set with the cowling bar, the wing flap conference table or even go all out and get yourself a branded commercial fuselage dividers!