Designed by an ace Canadian sculptor this limited edition faucet is made from ‘Concrete’

We wouldn’t exactly think of a faucet made of concrete as a viable bath option. However, here to prove us wrong with aplomb is reputed brand Brizo that recently unveiled a limited -edition fleet of Concrete Faucets. The creation form part of the marquee’s nature-inspired Vettis Bath Collection from 2017 and promises to blow your mind right away!

The design in question is the work of Canadian expert sculptor, Christopher Shannon, who created the masterpiece with his own sheer dedication at his Victoria, British Columbia studio. While the faucet bears much of its predecessor’s old shape, it is crafted with all together new raw-materials this time around. It is made from authentic, ultra-high-performance, fiber-reinforced concrete, and is finished with a carefully titrated infusion of pure charcoal that gives it a unique hue of sorts. The concrete formulation further showcases natural variations, giving each faucet its own aesthetic characteristics that can evolve over time to form new and unique undulations.

Commenting on the launch of the Vettis Concrete Faucet, Brizo Kitchen & Bath industrial designer TJ Eads, said, “The Vettis Bath Collection inspiration is equivalent to strength found in nature. In its most iconic form – the single-handle faucet – we introduce concrete. The distinctive sound of water flowing, grounded in the strength and beauty of concrete, reminds me of the quiet moments in nature, just before dawn, waiting for the world to wake up.” Only 500 limited-edition concrete faucets are available on Brizo’s official website for $2500 each.


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