Baccarat unveils the spectacular $360k Zenith chandelier at the Milan Design week

Enchanting purity and austerity of crystals, Baccarat transformed unique church setting into sumptuous surrounding to celebrate ‘250 years of light’ during the Salone del Mobile as part of Milan Design Week. The unconventional staging of Church of San Carpoforo highlights the opulence of the crystal in contrast with the austere character of the primitive stone backdrop with the central focus being the Zénith chandelier with its 84 sparkling lights.

Designer Philippe Starck revisited the 19th century Zenith to create Zenith Image co-partnered with STMicroelectronics, one of the world’s biggest semiconductor companies who offered Baccarat to benefit from its cutting-edge technology in pico-projectors. In a perfect matrimony of streamlined forms with abundant ornamentation, the “24L Zénith Image concept chandelier” is a prototype and the first chandelier combining light and moving images. The vivid red is the result of the fusion of clear crystal and 24 K gold that gives it its vermillion luminescence. A projector housed beneath the shade displays a series of enigmatic images subtly ornamented with the brands signature red octagonal crystal. 

The three-tier graduated lighting with clear and red crystals costs €260,000 (approx. $360,155). 

The French crystal house’s iconic pieces challenge convention as an ode to seduction and desire, to heighten the experience and make each moment unforgettable. The lounge area showcases a heritage Sun Clock priced at €95,000 (approx. $1,31,565).

As a metaphor for time, eternity and light, the solid crystal sunburst continues to fulfill its illuminating destiny and will embody the quintessential Baccarat savoir-faire until the end of time.

The stylish vases embody Baccarat’s outstanding expertise and know-how, offering bold, timeless work that combines classic designs with contemporary geometric contours. A symbol of beauty and sumptuousness, the vases, available in either clear or dark crystal versions, reflect light to infinity. Designed by Marcel Wanders, the new antique vase in clear crystal is available for €19,000 (approx. $26,320) while the vase in black costs €25,000 or around $34,632.

Baccarat’s timeless, radiant creations glow with modernity and exude an enduring Art de Vivre in which luxury and light perfectly blend with the Harcourt becoming a €20,000 (approx. $27,700) unique chess set in the cozy, warm glow of a real log fire.

At the centre of the apse, the table is set as an invitation to share and celebrate the incomparable splendor of the Baccarat creations. The glasses from the Harcourt, Mille Nuits, Claire de Lune and Vega collections fill the dining room with the music of a symphonie fantastique, in which crystalline notes extol the savoir-faire of Baccarat’s craftsmen.

Baccarat celebrates the art of entertaining in the bar area, where time stands still in a blissful interlude devoted to tasting and enjoyment.

The celebrations culminate in the comfort of the bedroom and bathroom area, which features the Zénith Image chandelier, for a consummately contemporary vision of light bearing Baccarat signature.

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