Designed for Astronauts this ingenious bed equips the science of sound and hearing to gift you good sleep

There’s nothing quite like a sweet slumber. And promising you the most equipped one of those is Intellibed—a leading innovator of mattress and sleep solution technology with its latest offering – The Sleep Genius Smart Base.

Designed with the help of neuroscientists as well as music therapy and sleep experts, the innovative bed uses the science of sound and hearing to grant you the sleep that you deserve. It is developed following research that helped astronauts sleep and is said to represent the most significant advancement in mattress base technology in decades.

It features the exclusive “Treat versus Track” technology, scientifically developed sound programs, and tools that can be controlled via a mobile app. The bed also includes a Built-In Six-Speaker Bluetooth Sound Bar, Premium Adjustable Base Experience, and Connected Home Integration.

Commenting on the unique offering, Intellibed CEO Colin House said – “In recent years, the adjustable base business has been viewed as a fast and furious race to the bottom,” He further added – “As a champion for innovation and technology, we’re on a mission to change this by providing consumers intelligent solutions that help them sleep better, like our Gel Matrix® Mattress and new Sleep Genius Smart Base. The set-up is intended to act as an entire mind and body sleep ecosystem to ‘Treat’ sleep issues, not just ‘Track’ them.”

Intellibed’s Sleep Genius Smart Base will be available for sale with select retailers and online onward March 2020.

[Via: Digital Trends]

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