Deva Saune, a high-tech sauna bathing solution crafted in wood

A sauna is the ultimate thing you need to relax after a long day at work. And with so many sauna solutions available in the market today, it’s wise to pick something which gives you comfort and high-tech wellness functionalities. And for that, you can add an infrared-based sauna to your already decked up bathroom to make it more modern. Deva is now out with just what you need with the Deva Saune, an infrared sauna that is not just high on the tech quotient but also adds a vibrant person to your bathroom décor.

Crafted completely in wood with the latest infrared technology, the design is heavily influenced by the Italian flavor. Apart from picking a color of your choice you can also fit in an MP3 and iPod sound system to soothe your nerves as you have a beauty bath.

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