Diamond studded gold bed sold for $1.2million

New Year always gives us an opportunity to review the best assets of the previous year and improvise on them. The list of China’s 10 most expensive items sold in 2009 was framed on the ChinaDaily site and includes everything right from a bed worth 5.88 million Yuan ($1.2mn), platinum and beads embellished wedding dress worth 5 million Yuan ($1 million) to a pair of hairy crabs in gold cages worth 99,990 Yuan ($20,421). But the most hilarious of the things that couldn’t possibly make it to the list of China’s 10 most expensive items is the best kissed car gifted off for 70,000 Yuan (14,000) A promotional event in Shiyan, in Central China’s Hubei Province has participants kiss a car each and the women’s whose kiss left the best mark was allowed to take home a Dongfeng vehicle worth $14,000. That’s cheesy when that kiss didn’t even look so great!