Divine Collection Millesime 2010 – Luxury furniture with 24ct gold and crystals

The Divine lounge chair from Maison Ventury Paris’ Divine series redefined ultra-luxurious furniture. But Maison Ventury Paris is definitely not stopping at that. For this season, they have reinvented their Divine Series. The newly revamped series, the Divine Collection Millesime 2010, features rock chic, sophisticated styles, golden touches, vintage spirit, and fabulous couture materials. The new designs and trends of this series promise to take luxury furniture to a whole new level. Some pieces in this revamped line glitter with 24ct gold and crystals. Buyers even choose to customize their own furniture pieces by choosing the materials and patterns to be used. What is more, to achieve this collection’s look, no animals were harmed, making this line a complete “cruelty-free” collection.

A collection of hot-couture furniture for the opulent few, the price of a Divine starts at approximately USD 1800, not including sales taxes, and can reach 5-digit prices.